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iCrimp Australia proudly offers the innovative iCrimp CPT8000 tool, the world's first copper and PEX interchangeable manual plumbing press tool, designed for versatile use with a variety of press fit systems including PEX, stainless steel, and copper, making your plumbing projects more efficient and hassle-free.

Copper &
Pex Tool 

CPT 8000

Innovative Plumbing Solutions

iCrimp CPT8000 manual crimping tool

Copper Pressing Dies 

CPT 8000 Fixtures & Fittings 

CPT 8000 Fixtures & Fittings Tool

U Profile Pex Pressing Dies 

CPT 8000 Fixtures & Fittings 

CPT8000 Interchangeable Dies


16mm/20mm Pex Tool Set 

C Profile Die 

16mm Pex Tool

16mm Pex Tool 

C Profile Die 

20mm Pex Tool

20mm Pex Tool

C Profile Die


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